Friedrich Nietzsche: Truth and Affirmation (My New Book)

It takes a week or so for Amazon to connect the paperback and the Kindle versions of the book to the same page. In the meantime, can access the paperback version by following this link. My new book on the 19th-century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche comes out on August 23rd and is currently available for pre-order. …

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Nietzsche We Scholars

Friedrich Nietzsche: We Scholars (BGE 204)

After publishing my most recent book—concerned with Friedrich Nietzsche’s analysis of the problem of nihilism, I briefly turned away from looking at Nietzsche directly. This post will offer a few comments on a section by Nietzsche, We Scholars, §204, from Part VI of Beyond Good and Evil. In many places, Nietzsche focuses on calling forth …

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