My books are good already, but imagine how good they would be if anybody except for me knew that they existed. I already know that they exist—but do you? That is not a philosophical question… Allow me to repeat without shame what the book description on Amazon already says.

  • Spinoza’s Science: The Ethics of Knowledge… Baruch Spinoza wants us to do one thing only: think clearly. But how? This book offers the reader an accessible picture of Spinoza’s three-grade theory of knowledge, one that culminates in what Spinoza calls intuitive science (scientia intuitiva). Spinoza thinks that intuitive science is the highest possible human achievement. So, how do we achieve it? This book explores the Spinozist strategy for clear, critical thinking and why the human body itself makes achieving the third kind of knowledge so difficult.


  • The Money Phenomenon: A Philosophical Introduction to What Money Is… Do you understand what money is? Of course you do. Everybody knows what money is. We use it all the time. But is that question—what is money?—really so simple? Is it possible to reduce the concept of ‘money’ to the paper on which it is printed? How can paper have value? Money has never been that simple: it is not a bill, not a card, not a coin, not a thing. So, what is money? This book takes a philosophical approach to the concept of money and delivers conclusions that will change the way readers see and think about themselves as homines oeconimici—economic beings. Drawing from major economists and philosophers, Louis Russell unties several misguided assumptions about the nature of economic value. The everyday, banal, zombielike answers to the questions, ‘What is money?” and “What is an asset?” have to be reinterpreted, reconstituted, and rethought—and not according to the same logical principles that have trapped the mind into a narrow conception of ‘value’ in the first place.

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